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What are the common methods of treatment of sesame diseases?

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Prevention and treatment of sesame disease pathways:

1. Planting disease-resistant varieties: At present, all kinds of diseases of sesame seeds have not yet been immunized, but there is a significant difference in disease resistance among varieties. Selection of disease-resistant varieties is a cost-effective measures to prevent and cure diseases.

2. The implementation of crop rotation: the implementation of rotation is an important measure of disease prevention and production. According to our test, the incidence rate was 8.3% for five years, 14.7% for three years and 38.4% for continuous cropping. occur.

3. The use of small groove pierced: Huaihe River sesame producing areas in the main producing areas of precipitation concentrated in seven or eight months, and this time it is a critical period of summer sesame seed growth, sesame stain resistance is poor, field water , Hinder the normal respiration of plants, so that plants weaken, high temperature and humidity conditions, conducive to the occurrence and spread of disease. Therefore, the waterlogging and drainage, shorten the field holding period, is the main measure to reduce the disease.

Drug control:

1. Seed treatment: Pharmacy soaking for 0.5 hours, the choice of 15% powder rust Ning 0.1% or 40% carbendazim 0.1% can be. 50 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ warm water soaking 10 to 20 minutes or 250ppm streptomycin soaking can prevent bacterial disease at seedling stage.

2. Soil treatment: 40% carbendazim 11.25 kg / hm2 mixed with dry soil, rake before the field.

3. Spraying control; in the sesame flowering period, rain and more serious disease, the field of spraying agents. Generally twice, at intervals of 10 days. Choose 40% carbendazim 1000 times or 12.5% diniconazole 50g / mu can be. Prevention of bacterial disease to spray 250ppm streptomycin solution.

Viral disease mainly rely on aphid transmission, so in the selection of varieties under the premise of resistance should be based on pharmacy control aphid.

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