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Black sesame linoleic acid can lower cholesterol, the role of prevention and treatment of coronary atherosclerosis

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Sesame is a common food in life, often hear people say "pick up sesame seeds, lost watermelon". In fact, sesame seeds are small, but there are a lot of efficacy Oh! What are the efficacy of your sesame seeds, the effectiveness of black sesame seeds and the effectiveness of white sesame seeds, what is the difference?

Here to see the efficacy and role of sesame are what it!

Black sesame effect:

Black sesame seeds contain a lot of fat and protein, as well as carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin E, lecithin, calcium, iron, chromium and other nutrients. Can be made into a variety of delicious food. General per capita edible. Liver and kidney, Yijing blood, Runchang dry. For dizziness, tinnitus and deafness, to be made early white, after the hair loss, intestinal dry constipation.

The role of black sesame seeds:

1. Hypoglycemic effect: seed extract to the rats orally, can lower blood sugar, increase the liver and muscle glycogen content, but the high dose is to reduce the sugar content.

2. Adrenal function: black sesame seeds 0.2ml / 100g body weight feeding rats, can increase ascorbate and cholesterol levels in the adrenal gland.

3. Anti-inflammatory effect: sterile sesame oil coated skin and mucous membranes, to reduce the stimulation, and promote the role of inflammation recovery.

4. To cause diarrhea: seeds have diarrhea effect.

5. The role of cardiovascular: black sesame oil linoleic acid can reduce the blood cholesterol levels, the role of prevention and treatment of coronary atherosclerosis.

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