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Eat fried sesame sesame oil can really beauty anti-aging it?

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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to beauty, health care. Scientific research shows that cancer, aging or other diseases are associated with the production of excess free radicals. So, what food to eat can reduce the body's free radicals, delay the aging of the human body, people keep their youth healthy?

  In the "God of the Materia Medica", "Crystal Mint Materia Medica" and the well-known "Compendium of Materia Medica" pharmacy have been recorded in the black sesame hundred days in addition to all the chronic illness. Year luster is not hungry, two years of white hair back to black, three years off the teeth out. Sesame is divided into black sesame and white sesame, sesame is the leader in edible oil crops, China's Henan, Jiangxi, Hubei and other regions have a large area of cultivation. Today, fried sesame and sesame oil as a ready-to-eat, spices in the hair care skin care, anti-aging and other aspects of the magic effect is also widespread concern by consumers and the medical profession. So, often eat fried sesame, sesame oil and sesame sauce and other sesame food can really delay the aging of the human body, play a hair care hair beauty role?

  First of all, we have to understand why the human skin wrinkles, grow old? Is due to continuous contact with the outside world, including breathing (oxidation reaction), external pollution, radiation and other factors continue to produce free radicals in the human body. Free radical attack on human cells. Oxidation is the greatest threat to skin aging, eating unhealthy, sun, stress, environmental pollution and so can make the skin free radicals flooding, resulting in bleak, water and other oxidation. Are the culprit of the body to produce oxidation. So both from the health level or from the skin care level, need to pay attention to anti-oxidation in daily life. Supplementation of antioxidants is conducive to exercise the body to reduce the generation of free radicals or accelerate its removal.


  The scientific research, sesame seeds with sesamol do have hair care hair, anti-wrinkle wrinkle effect, sesamol has a very strong antioxidant capacity, is an important aroma of sesame oil ingredients, sesame oil is also an important quality stabilizer. The use of more and more widely used for the preparation of anti-mildew antibacterial agents, anti-cancer, antihypertensive drugs, high-grade shampoo hair conditioner and a series of fine chemicals, is expensive chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates raw materials, Good development and utilization of value and application prospects. Today, especially in the field of drug synthesis needs a lot, sesame phenol in the international are very close sales. Now, fried sesame as a ready-to-eat products, more and more people are appreciated, sesame oil has become a family essential condiment!

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