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How can sesame grow to get high yield?

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To obtain high quality sesame, in addition to the use of fine varieties, but also scientific and rational top dressing, specifically:

The same time as

Seedling due to the end of nitrogen fertilizer is too easy to make seedlings grow, the formation of high seedlings, so the sesame seedling period is generally only part of the nitrogen fertilizer as base fertilizer. The masses have "see Miao top dressing" argument. In the Miao potential is poor or the size of seedlings is relatively large, can be a small amount of topdressing fertilizer, dilute the decomposition of manure or urea better. Because at this time the sesame root is shallow, fertilization should be as shallow as possible.

The same time as

Budding stage sesame budding period is the flower bud differentiation period, sesame nutrition growth and reproductive growth at the same time, this time the best effect of top dressing. Top dressing should be nitrogen-based, phosphorus, potash supplement. Boron fertilizer should be applied in boron-free areas.

The same time as

Flowering sesame seeds into the flowering period of the most rapid growth, this period of absorption of nutrients accounted for the entire growth period of 70% to 80%. In order to meet the needs of plant growth and development, so that sesame seeds grow strong, accumulate more photosynthetic products, increase the number of flower capsule, late stability is not premature aging, so that the grain is full and full, must re-apply fertilizer. At this point the side roots have begun to form a large number of roots to enhance the absorption capacity, plant growth rate, the demand for nutrients is also significantly increased. Fertilizer is more convenient when the fertilizer can also be applied to the maturity of the cake fertilizer, manure, manure and so on.

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