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Twenty-five years of businessLeading the continuous development of sesame industry

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Shijiazhuang Mingren Sesame Co.,Ltd.Professionally produce hulled sesame seeds,choiceness black sesame seeds,with nine professional advantages,from the source to the terminal, always lead sesame seed industry development, now become the industry benchmarking enterprises.


1.Strong and professional ability of trade

  Companies affiliated international trade department, the department of production and processing, domestic trade, purchase and production and sales in a body.

  Since 2003, Chinese sesame can not supply enough, we began to importing 100% sesame abroad, the main procurement in Africa, at the same time sold to domestic cities and some European and American countries.


2.The professional raw material purchasing channels

  Our corporation regularly participated in the global sesame meeting and auction,selected first-class sesame ingredients from Africa and Southeast Asian countries ,for each order,we’ll send professional inspectors to the local field of origin and check the mass goods.Achieve excellence, let the customer comfort to enjoy every grain of sesame pure sweet.


3.Independent research and development of professional production equipment

  Through years of workshop production and practical experience, my corporation research and develop independently the world's top mature advanced production equipment, energy conservation and emissions reduction, provides the quality of the products with first-class hardware protection.


4.Professional sesame seed management system and certification

  We have specialized laboratories, to ensure every batch of goods to be green health.

  We are one of the first companies that passed QS90001 international quality management system certification, successively in 2003 and 2013, won several gold product quality reliable, the sesame seed industry, Chinese famous trademarks and other state-level honors units.


5.Professional research and develop team

  The company has a professional and young research and development team, regularly every year study, with large sesame manufacturers all over the world to establish the platform, communicate with each other to promote guarantee first-hand advanced technology.Which is rare in domestic enterprises.


6.Professional production capacity

  Four independent research and development, semi-automatic production lines, single machine production capacity of nearly 30 tons, continuous operation, can completely meet the needs of customers both home and abroad.


7.Professional price advantage 

  Foreign direct procurement, four production lines, four workers can operation, continuous operation, daily output up to one hundred tons.Save water by 80%, save electricity by 60%, saving 70% of employment, to save all of the savings to the customer, with customers to establish a long-term close relations of cooperation.


8.The full range and professional after-sales service

  The company equipped with special after-sale service team, for sesame products provide comprehensive after-sales service guarantee.


9.Professional advanced concepts and future development

  We’re planning to hire a professional general manager,committed to green and healthy development of the industry, to be the first listed companies for sesame seed industry in three years.

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